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[BO] About the Closure of the Central Offices of casapound in Via Malvolta, Bologna

Un antifascista dall’Albania ha pensato bene di tradurre in inglese il comunicato sulla chiusura della sede bolognese di CasaPound. Oggi che il neofascismo si riorganizza sempre più sul piano europeo e internazionale è importante far circolare analisi e informazioni il più ampiamente possibile. Ora e sempre resistenza!

13 November 2014

With an undeniable satisfaction and an equally certainty we can give today the following news: the office of Casapound in via Malvolta 16/d, in Murri district, has ceased to exist: is closed definitively. To us, whom have participated in various protest actions against the presence of fascists in the neighborhood, this does look as a great result, that shows how the direct plural action, in large groups, individually or in small groups, have had success: garrisoning, leaflets, walking around the neighborhood, days of socializing and discussing in Lunetta Gamberini park, 2 processions, protest actions, have all contributed in the closure of the fascist office.

When, three years ago, Casapound opened in via Malvolta, anti-fascists reacted with determination and creativity and neighborhood residents immediately and clearly expressed rejection against the presence of the third millennium fascists. Since than, the campaign with the shibboleth «Close Casapound», which we made ours and relaunched, has never stopped. Despite the strong and clear cover ups of the neighborhood elites, (neighborhood president Ilaria Giorgetti), the clear protection by the prefecture and police, the deafening silence of the “lefts” from the city govern and the judicial harassment against anti-fascists. To the last ones, our thoughts and solidarity.

Today we got a concrete result: via Malvolta is finally free. This gives us a stronger awareness of the importance of our struggle, that we know, can be long and demanding. To reclaim a resistance culture and a anti-fascist practice, means, now days, to be close to all that wide slice of society that demands freedom, equality and social justice and at the same time, not leaving the least of the space to the fascism, squadly or institutionally that it is.

Now and forever Resistance!
Lets sweep away fascism, racism and sexism!

Nodo Sociale Antifascista
Bologna Antifascista

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